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Modern Apartment Block

Our company has many years of experience working with owners of multiunit housing who are looking to add value to their investment by replacing old windows and doors in their buildings.

We have also worked with strata councils of individually-owned condominiums and townhouse units to help them decide on best options in replacement windows and doors for the homeowners. 

At Maxx Exteriors, we believe that no job is too big, and you can have confidence in knowing that our experience will make replacing windows and doors in the buildings hustle free and convenient. We will work with you to arrange for each unit to be scheduled based on best time for its occupants, and we will present you with a schedule well in advance, so each unit has plenty of notice. 

Our company will take care of all aspects of window and door replacement, including removing of the old structures, replacing any mouldings or boards that need to be replaced, and instructing every unit occupant on use and care for their windows and doors.

We are WCB certified, posses business insurance with liability coverage, and adhere to all required renovations and safety regulations. We take every precaution to make the installation job easy and convenient for owners and occupants. 

For more information, or to book a free consultation, call us today. 

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