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Mother and a Child

Think back to the day you bought your house. The feeling you had when the mere building you just purchased became your home. The excitement you felt that this will be the place that you will look forward to returning to after a long day, the place where you will share time with your loved ones, the place where you will welcome visitors. We want you to feel excited about your home again.

When my dad and I started this company, we knew that we wanted to offer more than just a fair service. We wanted to help our customers with a problem many of them faced; we wanted our customers to fall in love with their house again. In 40 years of my dad's experience, and over 20 years of my own experience in window renovation industry we discovered that the main reason that people didn't feel excited about their house anymore is that they feel that the house needs updating in order to be a comfortable place. Fortunately, changing windows, patio doors, and entrance door is one of the simplest updates that will have a positive impact on the appearance of the whole house, on the inside and the outside. 


At Maxx Exteriors, we understand how important your house is to you. This is why we strive to treat every customer, and every home with utmost care in order to provide the best product and service in the industry. We take time to listen to your concerns, explain every step of the process, and promise to never be satisfied until you are. We believe that satisfied customer is the only customer worth having!

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